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To provide a range of Quality Diagnostic Instruments & Equipment directly to our overseas & domestic customers, at the most competitive price.


To achieve customer‘s satisfaction, through supply of Quality Instruments & equipments.

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   Our Major Clients

We welcome the esteemed Surgeons & physicians, based in various Countries, to our new web Show Room.

We introduce ourselves as eminent Indian Exporters & Promoters of various Ophthalmic Instruments & equipments, for the use of Surgeons, in the Field of Ophthalmology, ENT, Dentistry, Neuro Surgery & Plastic Surgery etc.

Our Student Microscope for future Surgeons, is a new concept for the practice purpose, during studies. This Microscope is available at a most affordable price.

We have a standing of over one decade in this field & we are exporting our diagnostic instruments & equipments, regularly to the End Users, worldwide.

We prefer to export our equipments & instruments directly to the Surgeons & Physicians worldwide, without any mediator, to make them price effective.

We are a team of young marketing & technical professionals, who understand the needs of the Surgeons & Physicians, based on our vast experience.

We give instant response to business inquiries in details, at first instance.

We have clients around the world in various country like Sharjah (U.A.E), Dubai (U.A.E), Mali, Tunisia, Srilanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Singapore, Spain, USA, Switzerland, UK, South Africa, Slovakia, Estonia etc.
Please send your business enquiries or Call Mobile: +91-9416119569

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