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   Fiber Optic Head Light with Cold Light Source

Fiber Optic Head Light with Cold Light Source

Durable, comfortable head band fully adjustable Progressive IRISH Diaphragm for spot selection

Bright white light through front coated mirror without temperature increase.


Available with double outlet

The front cable adapter is suitable for KARL-STORZ Cable fitting.

Brilliant halogen illumination 24V-250W Halogen Bulbs Phillips make, made
in Germany or equivalent

Compact and Light Weight Equipment.

Insulated, Auto Cut, Solid State Illumination Control

In-built heat filter with extra white light

Twin cooling fan

Length: 2.3 Meter (7.6Feet)
Diameter: 5mm


   Cam Vision Stimulator

Cam Vision Stimulator

Features Specifications:

For treatment of Lazy / Amblyopic eye.
Based on the concept of active and controlled stimulation.
Spatially oriented stimulus.
All day passive occulusion replaced by seven-minute active stimulation.
Compact, portable model which can be given to the patient saving time andhelping in regular exercise.
Size : 21 x 14 x 11 cm.
Weight : 1 Kg.
Slide Size : 10.5 cm.


   Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Retinoscopy Model Eye

Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Retinoscopy Model Eye

Features Specifications

IndirectOphthalmoscopy Retinoscopy Model Eye
For practice of indirect ophthalmoscopy andretinoscopy.
Normal& abnormal retinal structure painted inside
Can simulate myopic as well as hypermetropiceyes.
Astigmatism can be simulated by insertingcylindrical lens in the trial frame.

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